Minnesota Life

Minnesota Life Eclipse IUL
Flexible-premium universal life with a focus on accumulation.
With Eclipse, clients get competitive interest crediting options and the potential for guaranteed protection.
It not only protects their assets but helps clients grow and enjoy them.
Eclipse is for clients who desire to accumulate funds for supplemental retirement income, college tuition, a new home or other goals.

Minnesota Life Eclipse Protector IUL
Flexible-premium universal life with a focus on protection.
Eclipse Protector, clients get lifetime coverage for a lower cost. Compared to Eclipse,it’s an affordable insurance option with moderate cash value growth tied to a fixed account, or one or more index accounts.
Eclipse Protector is for clients who want premiums that fit within their budgets and a policy offering guaranteed death benefit protection.

Minnesota Life Eclipse Survivorship IUL
Second-to-die, indexed, universal life policy with interest crediting tied to the performance of a market index

Why Minnesota Life?
In October of 2010 Merle and the Eagle Team visited Minnesota Life’s main operations in St. Paul, MN. All were very impressed. Merle was pleasantly surprised to see how large and well run their operation is.

Minnesota Life was founded in 1880, and is one of America’s oldest and largest providers of financial services. Their record of financial strength and stability positions them as one of the most highly rated financial institutions in America. But what was even more impressive to this group was their willingness to listen to what we had to say about their processes and product design.

Merle and the Eagle Team members were more than just impressed; all agreed that they felt like they had found a strategic partner.

Minnesota Life is positioned to dominate the IUL market. They have a 5 year goal to do $250 million in target in the IUL market; they’re currently at $70 million. To achieve their goal will require a 30% average growth rate per year. This is a lofty, yet an achievable goal.

Minnesota Life is positioned to go after the booming IUL market very aggressively. Their goals and attitude match those of TriQuest. The combination of these two like-minded organizations and the synergy it will create presents an exciting opportunity for everyone associated with TriQuest.

The timing is perfect for the IUL market to explode; we have been training for this moment for 9 years, and we needed a great company to come along that has the same vision. We believe that we’ve found it with Minnesota Life.



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